Are the bars gluten-free, vegan, organic or local?

All of our ingredients are natural, gluten-free and vegan. We use organic and local ingredients when possible. We are working to become fully organic.

How long do the bars stay fresh?

All bars are marked with an “Enjoyed best by” date. Our bars are best kept in the refrigerator for maximum freshness.

Why do you use Brown Rice Syrup?

Our Brown Rice Syrup is a natural sweetener that is organic, vegan and gluten free. Derived from brown rice, the syrup is made of glucose molecules, which are more easily metabolized by the body than fructose. This helps our bars provide a steady stream of energy, without any sugar crashes. The flavor is also nuttier and not as sweet as some other options we tested, such as, honey and agave.

What is the nutritional information for the bars?

All nutritional information is available for the bars. Simply click on the bar in the ‘Shop’ page, and the nutrition label is available in the pictures.

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What is your shipping policy?

All orders are shipped through USPS Priority Mail. In order to keep our bars fresh, orders are only shipped Monday through Thursday. In order to receive bars the same week as ordered, please place your order before 10 A.M. on Thursday. Your bars should arrive in 2-3 business days from being ordered.

Do you ship overnight?

We do not currently offer overnight shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship internationally.