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Do you have a passion for food, fitness and the great outdoors?
Does it drive you nuts that more people don't know about fresh snacks like our bars?

Well, what are you waiting for? Apply to be an ambassador today!

Perks include, but are not limited to:

Samples of our bars - including exclusively released flavors and products
Access to nutshell news and events
Exclusive contests where you can win awesome nutshell gear
A network of awesome, like-minded people

We love a little healthy competition so we created three levels to our program.

LEVEL ONE The Novice
Once you've applied and been accepted as an ambassador - you become a novice.

You get: free shades, stickers and bars, and access to our ambassador social network
You give: monthly social media shout-outs (think "bars in the air"), one guest blog post

LEVEL TWO The Nutcase
Completed all of your Novice responsibilities and Ready for a promotion?
To become a nutcase, send us your best "bars in the air" photo to be featured on our Instagram or send us a new flavor idea - get creative! 

You get: free tote, more stickers, more bars and a shout out on our Instagram
You give: weekly social media shout-outs, host a nutshell tasting event in your area

LEVEL THREE The "Nutty Professor"
O.K. we get it - you're the nuttiest of the nuts! To earn your Nutshell PhD, you must have completed all of your Nutcase responsibilities - then send us a video showing why you should be among the elite!

You get: free t-shirt, free coffee mug, more bars and an invite to Nutshell HQ events to meet our staff and exclusive group of influencers
You give: your best social media and blog content yet, continued events and