Nutshell provides a fresh and creative snack that fuels the body and respects the environment

We are dedicated to bringing the freshest nutbar to the nutrition snack market. Our bars are handmade, with zero preservatives and come in five delicious varieties.

Our founder, Will D’Agostino, experienced the many benefits of nuts, fruits, and seeds firsthand on the month-long outdoor expeditions he did as a teen. Portable, delicious and packed with nutrients, they were the perfect ingredients for an active life. Throughout high school and college his favorite snacks were trail mixes his mom would whip up, and he was always looking for new flavors to create and ways to eat them.

By the time Will graduated college, there seemed to be every type of bar on the market – fiber bars, superfood bars, paleo bars, nut-free bars. But despite the crowded shelves, the tasty bars weren’t that healthy and the healthy bars weren’t that tasty. Plus EVERY bar was packaged in plastic and designed to sit on the shelf for a year.

Will thought the market had become too complicated, and was missing what people really wanted. A few natural ingredients, brought together creatively and delivered fresh.

After creating recipes at home and hosting taste tests with friends, Will began selling at local farmers markets and quickly gained a following. He connected with local retail stores who also shared a passion for fresh, nutritious and delicious. Beginning locally, Will is growing Nutshell to bring his fresh nutbars to the rest of his community and beyond.

We hope that each bar that is enjoyed will help reconnect our customers with some of nature’s most nutritious, delicious and beneficial ingredients.

For any questions or comments, please contact us here.